Couldn't Have Done it Without Them

You’re only an expert for the short time it takes for a smarter guy to walk into the room. As Andy Worhal put it: “Everyone gets his fifteen minutes of fame.”

Absolutely true! No one knows everything about any given subject. If he thinks he does, he’s still got plenty to learn.

Be that as it may, I’ll humbly take a few seconds to acknowledge the ‘expert’ assistance I had in writing this book:

  • The Cover: The Handbook is still all about making holes. So once again, we’ve called upon Yuba Heat Transfer ( to donate the background for our cover artwork. Some speak of hole making in inches. Yuba speaks in miles, drilling up to 2800 holes in a single part.
  • Doug Holley, Sterling Gun Drills ( My thanks to Doug for his contributation to this Edition of the Handbook.
  • Sandvik-Coromant (, for their contribution to the BTA/Ejector portion of the History chapter.
  • Neil Ryall, (, a frequent companion on many Gundrilling adventures.
  • Bob DeCesare, formerly of Eldorado Tool Co. And now an independent consultant. A good friend and a fine engineer.
  • A host of folks at Drillmasters-Eldorado Tool (
  • Lastly, I wish to honor Phil Pelletier, a mentor in my Eldorado days. Phil helped me cut my teeth on Gundrilling. He was a demanding taskmaster and a good teacher.

I’d also like to state that the contents of this book, including any errors or omissions, are the sole responsibility the author, and should in no way shed any negative reflection on the above individuals or their companies.